Nimble Organization is Dedicated To Provide Authentic Insights From Proprietary Healthcare panels.

With over 18 years of experience in digital transformation and digital learning (Part of ITT Digital), Transitioning to Healthcare panel services, Info Audience Research LLC believes in utilizing the power of data to deliver business outcomes from our proprietary healthcare Panel.

We resonate Insights from our HEALTHCARE PANEL

Access to Healthcare data

Our healthcare panel has responsive healthcare professionals and an experienced team within healthcare who are passionate and willing to meet and exceed the expectations of all the stakeholders involved in the process. 

We understand and judge the respondent’s skills, quickly assess a target audience for any given topic and make quick decisions by providing the best opinions and monitoring the critical audience over time to ensure optimal use of the budget.


Your reach. Our Mission.

Get 24/6 access to a network of  +3,76,650​  vetted doctors available to help you with your studies! With specialists in over 150 categories, you’ll find professionals for your needs. 



All our panel members go though a systematic
vetting process

12 years experience in profiling

Pride in Quality and Accepted process

Our Online quantitative research service team has an excellent understanding, including recruiting professionals, designing quantitative research, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction studies.

We pride ourselves on sustaining solid relationships with all our stakeholders, internal and external, ensuring that our high-quality standards are consistently maintained.

Healthcare Field Work Agency

Our validated healthcare panelists are done at multiple check points:

Having worked with top MR Agencies within the healthcare industry and vetted our services with reliable services and quality processes, we have a vast repository of documented experience and knowledge.

Our Data from healthcare professionals are proprietary, rigorously validated healthcare panels with Reach from HCP and AHCP (Allied Healthcare Professionals), Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and other healthcare stakeholders across a wide range of therapy areas.

License Checks

HCP medical license number validation is conducted across different countries with the help of an available national repository of registered doctors; we also use work email, address, and telephone number OTP verification during registration and honorarium payouts. Clubbed with telephone verification post double opt-in by respondents using forms promoted on various platforms relevant to specific countries and specialties/Sub-specialties.

Ethics and standards

We follow approved ethics, standard processes, proven methodologies, and excellent support, which always become an integral part of the project to make every project successful.

Privacy and data Protection

We comply with the Data Protection Acts and other relevant secondary legislation.

We comply with the Service Level Agreement signed with our clients.

proprietary Healthcare Panel

With our proprietary and reliable healthcare Panel, we give our clients the broadest reach possible.

Location Validation

Geography location confirmation, 

IP de-duplication and address verification for honorarium pay-outs

Proprietary methodologies have been refined over the years.


Experienced staff provides you with the best and the most relevant information.

Proprietary methodologies have been refined over the years.

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