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With over 18 years of experience in digital transformation and digital learning (Part of ITT Digital), Transitioning to Healthcare profile services, Info Audience Research LLC believes in utilizing the power of data to deliver business outcomes from our proprietary healthcare Profiles.

Access to Healthcare data

Our healthcare profiles have responsive healthcare professionals and an experienced team within healthcare who are passionate and willing to meet and exceed the expectations of all the stakeholders involved in the process. 

We understand and judge the respondent’s skills, quickly assess a target audience for any given topic and make quick decisions by providing the best opinions and monitoring the critical audience over time to ensure optimal use of the budget.

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Healthcare Profile

Online proprietary healthcare profile across

Project Management

Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Monitoring, and control Project

List matching/ Wave studies /Ad-hoc Recruitment Projects

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Data Collection

We understand our client's need for informed feedback and are proactive in our management

Survey Programming and Hosting

In-house programming services to custom-build as per client-specific application requirements

Translation services

In any language

CATI services

Complete geographical access, Quality control, efficient data processing

Data tabulation

We produces well-structured, organized, and tabulated reports for your ease

Honorarium handling

Virtual visa, amazon vouchers, PayPal, and country-specific gift vouchers

Company Affiliation

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