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Healthcare Profile

Online proprietary healthcare profile across

Project Management

Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Monitoring, and Control Project

List matching/ Wave studies /Ad-hoc Recruitment Projects

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Data Collection

We understand our client's need for informed feedback and are proactive in our management.

Survey Programming and Hosting

In-house programming services to custom-build as per client-specific application requirements

Translation services

In any language

CATI services

Complete geographical access, Quality control, efficient data processing

Data tabulation

We produce well-structured, organized, and tabulated reports for your ease

Honorarium handling

Virtual visa, amazon vouchers, PayPal, and country-specific gift vouchers

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Our project managers, being experienced in healthcare research recruitment, understand the unique research requirements of each client and passionately work to deliver actionable insights for business decisions.

From concept to conclusive answers, it takes exceptional project management. We at Info audience follow a proven roadmap for planning and execution: Start with a clear objective, select the best team, observe every detail, communicate relentlessly, and execute to the highest standards.

Tailor-Made To Client Specifics


Our Healthcare Profile comprises of General Physicians, HIV specialists, Neurologists, Oncologists, Diabetologist, Cardiologists, Urologists and other major specialists. Moreover, healthcare professionals like nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, purchase managers, lab directors, etc. and decision makers like CXOs, VPs and GMs of various departments in hospitals, are on our board of panel members

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Best Practices

Though we follow industry-specific processes to ensure no communication gaps, With the Healthcare industry’s rapid changes, we cater to clients’ specific processes or service level agreements and support custom recruitments based on requests for our clients.

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We have offices in USA and in India

We are a team of 35 member, includes Management team, Project managers, Client Executives, Programmers, Data processing team, CATi callers.

We do have project minimum and project management for AD-Hoc projects, however its not applicable for bulk complets, please connect with us for more information

Absolutely, we have an efficient way to get quick conversions, Target list or off-list, LOW IR or project with quotas, we can work on it all.

In case we are not able to provide feasibility within our propitiatory panel, we consult with clients if we can proceed with vendors.

It takes no longer than 1 business day to sign an NDA and vetting process, post which it takes an hour to onboard any projects from bid to launch. 

We currently provide healthcare panel services and support services such as Survey programming and hosting,  Data Tabulation, Translation, CATi services 

Our pane has a drop rate of 6% due to non utilization, and have been actively recruiting panelists.  Our panel response ranges from 10% to 20% depending on geography, target group or Incidence rate.

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